domingo, octubre 07, 2012

Mirva Mäkinen; 
Workshop Contact-Improvisation
15-18 October / 09:30 to 12:00
price: 75€

Centre Cívic Barceloneta


The dialogue between movement and touch

Movement and touch are key elements for me in creating a dynamic development of the e
xperience in contact improvisation and dance. I am always curious to find tools what help to dance contact improvisation. How to create an alive dancing dialogue by using touch, weight and balance? I am interested what kind of details we can find from the dance by listening to the life situation. I remind myself that in every moment there are many possibilities where I can guide or allow dance to go. What is happening between movement and touch? I am curious, how well we recognize when we are leading or following the dance or when being just passive? What are my habits in dance and what are the directions in movement where I never want to go? Often I wonder, how can we continue movement after loosing touch from our partner. Is there any gap between or is it just part of the dialogue? I keep on asking, where movement is coming from and where it is going to? Is there a difference when I am moving alone or with a partner? So this intensive will be lot about what kind of choices we make in dance and technical tools for contact improvisation. I think body is designed by nature, or has evolved in nature. It is like a landscape with great efficiency. Like landscapes we are breathing and changing naturally.

BIO Mirva Mäkinen (Fin):

I’ve graduated from the Dance Department of the Theatre Academy of Finland in 2000 (Masters of Art in Dance), later I did a master in Physical Education in the University of Jyväskylä. After this studies I have worked widely in Finland as a dancer, a dance teacher and a choreographer. My true passion is in movement. 2010 I was chosen to do doctoral studies (PHD) in Theatre Academy in Helsinki, Finland. My research is about "Somaesthetics of Contact improvisation".
From 2000 onwards I have worked as dance teacher at the Kallio Upper Secondary School of Performing Arts in Finland. I have taught at different international dance and contact improvisation festivals.

As a dancer I have worked in different dance companies, at the moment in Karttunen Kollektiv, Circo Aero and with Joona Halonen. During 2010-2011 I was in USA (University of Nevada, University of Colorado and Earthdance) as a Fulbright scholar.
In dance I am interested in the feeling of flow and soft movement. I love to investigate movement, its rhythm and different ways of inhabiting the body.

A feeling of dancing is created by being able to switch the body from total relaxation to extreme intensity and tension. I call this the body’s ability to breath and create movement. My ideal is total presence, which makes every moment true and meaningful. 

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